A triathlon is a discipline with 3 sequential endurance sports, it includes swimming, cycling, and running over various distances. Its origin begins in the 1920s in France when athletes participated to the first tri-sport race. In 1974, the first mission bay competition was held in San Diego.

In 1978, during an award banquet in Hawai, John Collins, a Naval officer, issued a challenge to see who the toughest atheletes were : swimmers, cyclists or runners. He consolidated the 3 hardest endurance sports in the area : The Waikiki water swim (2,4 miles), the Oahu bike race (112 miles) and the Honolulu marathon (26,2 miles) into a single race.

The IRONMAN was born


Swimming is, of the three sports, the one that many consider the most challenging. Distances can vary from 500 meters to 3.8 km


The bike portion can be hilly, flat, technical. Distances can vary from 20 to 180 kilometers


The run is by far the hardest discipline since the body is already tired. Length can vary from 5 km to a full marathon